Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Well, it was probably the worst weather Sussex has seen since winter! But that didn't stop us from camping, making films and trespassing. Much fun was had.

We camped with Glass Diamond, shared some drinks and stories, I think there was one about a trucker and his wife.

Anyway, the first in our series of treats from the windy weekend is Zoe Konez.
We attempted some guerilla filmmaking in front of Glynde Place, but we got moved on by the Meadowlands cop car.

Snippets of that are alongside an AMAZING performance in Zoe's caravan.
Very bloody pleased with that, our first gig in a caravan!

Thanks to Zoe and Will for a great performance. And to Marina for her crowd management and bringing us our tent back :)

Fancy a bit of Zoe?
Visit her page​zoekonez

More films to come from Glass Diamond and Three Trapped Tigers, I'm trying to battle with the editing today.
At both sets there was some very hyper bonkers 16 year old lads and lasses next to me, they were proper going for it. I was a bit concerned for my cameras life.
I'm going to get creative to avoid the bumps and shakes in my edit.

Dan's sound recordings turned out buzzin, but I'm sure he can tell you more about that.


lady bee wild x

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