Thursday, 14 July 2011

Moving up North!

Living down south has been great, but now I'm ready fer home town and Mister Bee is ready for a Northern change. New bands to film and harass! 

Chorlton, Manchester.

Our rent is half the amount we are paying in Brighton! It's just as central, and just as big (it actually has taller ceilings) And Chorlton, is a buzzin place to live. It's got a Metro link now and everything.

The North - South divide is interesting. I wonder where it started.

Northerners think that southerners are rude and boring, and Southerns think that Northerners are poor and stupid, which according to research in Sheffield, is true.

"People living in the south are likely to be better educated and earn more money than their northern counterparts"
"Southerners will also have more doctors and dentists to treat them - but are less likely to be ill."

So we get ill more as well.

I'm trying to find a starting point. I wish I would have paid more attention in History about the Romans and the Vikings. I think the Vikings were pretty cool about the North, they chose to live in North, and that's something.
Maybe I'll buy a book.

I have been picked up on my words a lot since living in Brighton, and have probably had to adapt my accent and slang words. But now I'm going to embrace them once more, and also pass them on to Mister Bee.

I have been racking my brains, of all the slang once used when I used to live in Lancashire, now sadly repressed.

Bag 'ed, buzzin, chuddy,  soz, owt, nowt, bomb it, peggit, kecks, gegs, skennin,  dafty, jolly dancers, wazzuck, widgy, you lying get, giv ower,
ava gora telly on me ed?

I can't think of anymore and I really should be packing for this move.

Wild Bees go North, (where bands are proper more buzzin like) 

Northern Bee Lovely.

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