Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mini Post on Mini Art Club

Bon giorno!

I thought I'd do a mini post on mini art club as we have recently made a mini film for Manchester Art Gallery.

Mini Art Club is a free monthly session created for children ages 0-5. (My Favourite!!)
Michiko is the lady who creates a new world of visual and interactive delight each month, and I'm her helperer. I have taken my camera each time to capture lovely mini moments and its been brilliant! 
This film is from the August session focusing on Light. (Which I was very familiar with from working at Reggio Emilia fanatics Reflections Nursery - Always loving light!)

I have a back catalogue of little clips from over the months that hopefully will make themselves into films soon.

I have recently been approached by the Cultural Volunteers Coordinators Forum, (who work with Manchester Art Gallery and lots of other galleries and museums) to make an 8 minute film to promote volunteering around Manchester. Fingers crossed I get picked as the most bestest candidate.


Lady Wild 

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