Friday, 9 March 2012

Chance Compositions

Last month I co-ran an Imagine workshop at Manchester Art Gallery with Michiko Fujii.This months topic was Chance inspired by the Surrealist Artists displayed in the Modern and Contemporary Gallery.
We had 5 record players and lots of interesting vinyl records for families to experiment with and make a Chance Composition by manipulating the vinyl - using stickers, tape, sandpaper, and their imagination. We also made Chance Collages using the record sleeves which complimented the amazing sounds!

I have worked with a record player in an early years setting before. I was inspired by Christian Marclay and his interest in unwanted sounds such as scratches and pops on records.

It was great to have the opportunity do it on a larger scale. The sounds really attracted people to get involved and everyone really enjoyed it.

Can't wait to do more sound work at the gallery!

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