Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A bee related post

Beeing called the Wild Bees has led me into the deep depths of the internet looking at bee related things. I am going to share with you some of my amazing facts and finds.

Bees can get angry
Killer Bees - are actually Africanized honey bees, hybrids of the African honey bees. These bees apparently hate the European species, a small swarm is capable of taking over the European hive firstly by killing their queen and then making it their own. Nasty

Bees can wrestle
Killer Bees -  are actually a tag team composed of "Jumpin" Jim Bruznell and B. Brian Blair in the World Wrestling Federation  from 1985 to 1988. 
They Look like this

Some people like bees

A lot.

Some people don't like bees

Bees are dying! And you know, without bees it's not just their sweet, sweet honey we will miss, it would be 30% of our food supply! And for vegetarians, like myself, that's probably 95%! I love eating. So don't kill bees! For every bee you kill a child will cry! SO don't do it! 
Here are some ways to help save bees according to Help Save Bees

1   Stop using insecticides
2   Plant Bee-friendly plants
3   Create natural habitat gardens
4   Find out more about bees
5   Support your local beekeepers
6   Make you own 'Wild bee' house
7   Become a beekeeper
8   Lobby your local MP or MEP
9   Sign petitions banning pesticides
10 Encourage your local authority
     to do more to help bees

We already have our "wild bee" house, so now we need to start doing the rest of the list. I would love to make a film about Bees! One day we will don bee suits and record something fantastic.

You can buy this fridge magnet from amazon if you so wish!

There are lots more facts and finds about bees, but my eyes hurt from beeing at the computer all day. I have been editing a Glass Diamond promo today, looks buzzin!

Must fly,
Lady wild bee XX

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