Friday, 17 June 2011

Mo' filming mo' babble!

The other day we finished our Glass Diamond promo.

They said it was "very cool".

I'm just finishing the Three Trapped Tigers videos, we've got a very creepie "Creepies" and two legs "11" to upload to our YouTube. I've had a bit of a hard time editing Creepies because most of it was unusable do to "moshing".

Not by myself, I was trying to hold back my "moshing". Sometimes I just went with it to make it easier.
So it's very choppy, I quite like it, it goes well with the err creepiness of the song.

We may be filming Nordic Giants tomorrow.
I wonder if they are Nordic? Bet their not.

I was searching in google land for them and it came up with some Nordic names,
Here are some nice ones you might want to use for a future child,

Alvis - Meaning - All wise

Alwilda - Meaning - Elf Battle

Bera - Meaning - Bear

Gundis - Meaning - Battle Maiden!

Roar - Meaning - Famous spear

Thor/Thora - Meaning - Thunder

I might change my name to Thora-Gundis Wild.

That would be fun.

So yeah, TTT coming soon, GD done, NG TBC, and T-GW maybe.

Lady Bee, Buzz ORF! X

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